Nick Revenko.

Experienced Software Developer and Engineer specializing in web development and web engineering. Now also working on improving my skills and working experience as a Cloud Engineer.

I am a self-motivated, hard-working, and creative individual with a passion for technology and coding is something I not only do as work, but as a hobby.

I'm a very detail orientated person. I like sophisticated, type safe, well-structured and simple solutions for complex issues that require lots of effort and hard to solve, resolving challenging obstacles in the new and ongoing projects.

As a part of process I do software development, software engineering when it comes to building complex custom solutions and DevOps.

I have Economics degree and I know how enterprises work.
Nick Revenko
Kharkiv, Ukraine

Hilversum, NL
6 years
Extraordinary thinking
13" MacBook Pro, M1, 16GB RAM (2020)

13" MacBook Pro, Intel i5, 8GB RAM (2016)

12" MacBook, Intel i5, 8GB RAM (2015)

Dell 24" Monitor (P2422H)
Helped refugees at Amsterdam Centraal

Helped refugees at Barcelona Sants

Contributing to the open-source community
VSCode, iTerm, Ubuntu, MacOS, Safari, Docker Desktop, Firefox, Figma, Xcode